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While no one ever wants to get sick while on vacation, sometimes it happens.  Here we are providing some tips to help avoid getting sick, what to do if you do get sick and what to pack in your medical bag in case someone gets sick when you are on that 

The tips contained in this section are tips only and you should check with your health care provider, doctor, and/or pharmacist before any vacation for more tips and health care advice.  

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Hotel Fun 4 Kids™ Safety Tips Pages

Travel News - Safety

  • Learn CPR.  See First Aid Safety Tips for Managing an Emergency from St. John Ambulance.
  • We suggest that a before any extended out of town/country vacation, you check with your doctor and have a checkup for the kids.  If a dentist visit is due, attend to this also before you go on holidays.  Prescriptions should be updated and talk to your pharmacist about any special concerns for medication that may be used on holiday.  Some antibiotics require you to remain out of direct sunlight and require refrigeration.  
  • Keep all medication and medical bags out of reach of children.  Know what to do in case of Poisoning - see First Aid Tips from St. John Ambulance about the Dangers of Poisoning for Young Children
  • See Keep the Bugs at Bay, Eight Tips for a Bug Free Summer
  • Ensure children under 3 and children that put toys in their mouths do not have small toys - see Safety tips for Buying Safe Toys and Using Toys Safely.
  • Make sure everyone maintains a healthy diet, which will help everyone adjust to new locations.
  • Drink plenty of fluid when travelling - you may want to stock up on bottled water or purchase bottled water at your destination.  Watch ice and salads if concerned about water quality.  
  • Be as careful as possible at all times.  See other safety sections for additional tips.
  • Know what poison ivy looks like and what to do if someone touches it - See Poison Ivy.
  • Stomach upsets are one of the most common travel related illnesses.  If the restaurant or food does not look clean and fresh, don't eat it.  Consider avoiding hamburger.
  • Get plenty of rest.  Although you might want to pack in as much each day as possible, remember that children need their rest and the best rest is between 9:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m.  Maintaining a normal bedtime for children means happier, well rested children that can enjoy the activities planned for the vacation.  Tired children are more apt to be susceptible to illness.  Parents need their rest and quiet time too.  Plan on an early night every other day to keep up with sleep.
  • Be aware of family allergies - see Travel Safety Tips - Severe Allergic Reactions
  • Wash hands often - keep premoistened antiseptic wipes handy and use before eating.  See Petting Zoo and Animal Exhibit Safety Tips for tips on reducing the risk of exposure to E. Coli bacteria
  • check with Hotel/Resort Staff for any dangerous plants or animals to watch out for - See Seasonal Holiday Safety Tips about poisonous plants at the holiday season.
  • Do research about your destination - check with local health department for health concerns to be aware of.   Check this site  http://voyage.dfait-maeci.gc.ca/ destinations/menu_e.htm  for health advisories before you travel.
  • Store food and drinks properly.  Bottles need to be washed with soap and hot water.  Don't reuse water bottles while travelling - bacteria can start to grow as soon as your mouth contacts the water.  Get fresh bottles everyday.  Leftover babyfood should be discarded if baby is fed directly from jar.  Untouched babyfood should be refrigerated or discarded.

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  • First Aid Safety Tips for Managing an Emergency from St. John's Ambulance
  • First Aid Tips for a Choking Baby
  • First Aid Tips from St. John Ambulance about the Dangers of Poisoning for Young Children
  • Better be safe than sorry, if someone is ill or seriously hurt - seek medical attention - especially infants and young children.
  • Most hotels and resorts will be able to assist you in the event that someone in the family becomes sick or requires medical attention, including providing names of local health care providers.  Some Hotels/Resorts, like Club Med, have doctors on site, others, like Walt Disney World® Resorts, have a clinic available for guests.
  • If a family member has a special medical condition, check with your doctor to obtain references for a physician to contact at your destination if a problem occurs.
  • If your medical bag (see section below) doesn't contain anything to help with the illness, check with a local pharmacy for assistance.
  • Your pharmacist may also be able to advise you on the best medications to take with you for the ages of the family.  Chewable pepto bismol type tablets are a convenient, effective treatment for mild stomach upset.  It works quickly and some feel that it also treats common bacteria that may cause stomach aches.
  • Fever is  something that should be treated aggressively while on holiday - tepid baths, acetaminophen or ibuprofen for each member of the family should be readily available.
  • Hotel Staff may also have a supply of medicines for guest use.
  • Keep your medical bag with you and readily available when travelling.
  • Have saltine or plain crackers handy and some flat ginger ale should help with upset stomachs. 
  • use a clean pad or towel with compression to stop or reduce bleeding, until medical attention is obtained if bleeding is severe. 
  • If possible, clean all scrapes and cuts and then treat with an antibacterial ointment to help avoid infection.  See First Aid Tips for Cleaning, Treating and Protecting Minor Wounds and First Aid Tips for Cuts
  • Always have bandages available - while they may not be necessary to cover a scrape, they sure make kids feel better.
  • To remove bandages easily, soak cotton swab in baby oil and apply to all sides of the bandage - wait five to ten minutes and the bandage should come off much easier.
  • For nosebleeds, apply pressure and pinch the nostrils closed for about five minutes and it should stop.
  • For burns - seek medical attention immediately if severe.  If mild, immerse in cool water and see Sun Safety Tips for tips on sunburns.
  • In an emergency try to remain as calm as possible.  
  • In the event of a bee sting, watch for severe reactions such as hives on the body, headaches, nausea, vomiting and difficulty breathing - see medical attention immediately.  To remove stinger, gently scrape area with a finger nail, wash or wipe area with clean cloth or antiseptic wipe, apply cold compress.  An antihistamine may be given to relieve minor symptoms - Hint - you can also apply a liquid antihistamine externally directly to the bite to relieve some pain and swelling.  If the bite occurs in the mouth, give an ice cube to suck on or a popsicle and seek medical attention at the first sign of any swelling.  See First Aid Tips for Insect Stings.
  • For insect bites, try not to scratch and apply calamine lotion.   Watch for allergic reactions.
  • Watch for tick bites - there is a risk of contracting lyme disease from these bites.  Ticks can remain in the bite - which can look like a little bump - remove the tick with tweezers by pulling upwards evenly and steadily.  Try not to twist or crush the tick.  Lyme disease is a possibility in the Northeast United States from deer ticks.  To avoid catching this, keep kids out of wooded areas and tall grass.  Check their clothing and bodies after outdoor activities for bites.  Clean any bites thoroughly and contact a doctor if a rash develops.
  • Apply a cold compress to minor bumps, it should relieve the pain and reduce the swelling. If pain continues, give some age appropriate pain killer.  
  • If a head injury or bump occurs, watch for symptoms of a concussion, which may include loss of consciousness (even for a second or two), persistent vomiting, lethargy, sleepiness or unequal pupil size.
  • If someone comes into contact with Poison Ivy wash contaminated skin carefully with soap and water - be careful not to spread the oil or touch anything else- where gloves if possible.  If a reaction develops - seek medical attention.  Rash usually disappears within a week to 10 days.  
  • To ease the removal of a splinter dip a cotton swab in cooking oil and rub on splinter area, then apply ice to numb area and remove with a tweezers.

Muscle Strain:

(NC) The St. John Ambulance first aid approach for muscle strain is to use RICE:

Rest ­ stop the activity that caused the injury, Ice ­ apply to the injured area once immobilized, to reduce swelling, Compression ­ use a bandage to apply pressure to the injury right away to help limit swelling, Elevation ­ elevate the injury to make it easier for fluids to drain away. 


(NC) St. John Ambulance offers these tips to respond to a fainting casualty. Remember, the casualty will be unconscious.

  • Check the ABC¹s ­ Airway, Breathing and Circulation.
  • Check for shock.
  • Give first aid for any visible injury.
  • If injuries permit, place the casualty in the recovery position.
  • Loosen tight clothing at the neck, chest and waist.
  • Ensure an adequate supply of fresh air.
  • A faint should last only a few minutes at the most, but don¹t let the revived casualty move until recovery is complete

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Before you pack a first aid kit/bag, it helps to look for a sturdy well-built bag that can handle the riggers it will be put through.  A bag that has a water-proof pouch provides the added benefit of keeping liquid items from accidentally spilling on other contents in the bag or leaking.  

  • A first aid manual may have tips  to help deal with common illnesses and minor emergencies.
  • A pair of scissors, tweezers, nail clipper and file can help with splinters, broken nails, and other minor problems - See  Do Your Part- Pack Smart - remove "innocent but inappropriate items from Carry-on Luggage if you are flying. 
  • If travelling with an EpiPen see Travel Tips - Children with Severe Allergies for tips on flying.
  • Bandages of assorted sizes, including compression bandages and bandages that can hold together cuts
  • Pain relievers for all members of the family.  Don't give adult pain relievers to children.
  • Syrup of Ipecac - Follow Directions - this is a must for any family first aid bag.  To learn more about the use of Ipecac follow this link:  http://www.aap.org/family/cpoison.htm
  • Any allergy medications and Antihistamine - These also help in the event of a bee sting.  If a bee allergy exists, seek medical attention immediately and talk to your doctor before going on vacation.  Make sure to have the medication readily available.   
  • Ointment or Spray for cooling insect bites or sunburns - cool water is still the best treatment.  See Sun Safety Tips for more first aid tips about sunburns.
  • Athlete's foot powder see Pool and Beach Safety Tips for tips about how to avoid Athlete's foot.
  • Anti-diarrhea medication
  • Dramamine for motion sickness for children over 2 years of age - check with doctor first.
  • Cough medicine or throat lozenges - Talk to a pharmacist about this as some cold medications have recently been recalled.
  • Thermometer (additional rectal if required for baby).  Digital Thermometers work quickly and are easy to read.  
  • Cotton balls and swabs
  • Teething medicine and mouth pain medication
  • Large plastic bag or airsick bag - Be extra careful with plastic bags around young children.
  • Menstrual medication
  • Medication for upset stomach - see Hotel Fun 4 Kids™ Travel Tip below
  • Anti-bacterial ointment
  • Feminine Hygiene Products (just in case)
  • Nasal Aspirator (if infant will not blow nose yet)
  • Tissues for unexpected sneezes, cuts.
  • Anything else you think you might need.


If you have any suggestions to add - please contact us.

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All tips are offered as suggestions only.  While we have tried to provide you with a list of suggestions to help parents when travelling with children to keep them safe, unfortunately, we can’t think of everything and it is the responsibility of parents to ensure their children’s safety.


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